Blogging Policies

(For general questions on the site, please check the FAQ.)

Right now, LGBTQ Reads is open to the following contributions:

  • Exclusive cover and/or excerpt reveals
  • Guest posts
  • “Around the Blogosqueer” features on an all-LGBTQIAP+ book club or site
  • “The Colorful Catalog” posts if you have at least five LGBTQIAP+ books published (at least one must not be all-cis m/m)

Please send any pitches to, and yes, you must be the one to provide a pitch; I am not here to come up with them for you. If you need ideas, consider:

  • Five books you love in your genre
  • Your writing playlist
  • Things you learned while writing your book
  • Why the representation in your book is meaningful to you

Just want us to share a teaser? Send your Instagram-ready teaser to with a little info about your book (including the category, genre, representation, and pairing where applicable) and I’ll post it on the next available Tuesday.

Please do not e-mail regarding having your book featured in a spotlight or being interviewed by me; for the foreseeable future I will be selecting these titles and authors. I’ll update when that changes!

Queering up your shelf, one rec at a time!

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