Blogging Policies

(For general questions on the site, please check the FAQ.)

First and foremost, this is not a review site. Please do not request book reviews because that is not going to change.

Right now, LGBTQ Reads is open to the following contributions, bearing in mind that for fiction we cover only books with POV characters under the LGBTQIAP+ umbrella:

Please send any pitches to me (Dahlia) at, and include the following:

  • Title, author, and pub date
  • Book blurb
  • Category and genre
  • Representation and/or pairing (you do not need to tell me whether the book is #ownvoices)

If your post is approved, please send it at least a week in advance of the agreed-upon post date with:

  • Hi-Res Cover
  • Cover artist/designer info (Note: reveals will not be published without them)
  • Goodreads and buy links
  • Author bio
  • Author photo (optional) – please feel free to include a credit for the photographer/illustrator

Regarding guest posts, please pitch your own topics; I will not respond to emails that simply mention your book and ask what you should write about. If you’d like some ideas for guest posts, check out the ones we’ve already had on the site.

For anthologies, there is now the Inside an Anthology feature. Please pitch for this feature only if the collection has at least three stories/essays with main characters who ID under the LGBTQIAP+ umbrella. Posts are to contain commentary from those authors only.

Just want us to share a teaser? Send your Instagram-ready teaser to with a little info about your book (including the category, genre, representation, and pairing where applicable) and I’ll post it on the next available Tuesday.

Please do not e-mail regarding having your book featured in a spotlight or being interviewed by me; for the foreseeable future I will be selecting these titles and authors.

Queering up your shelf, one rec at a time!

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