SFF by Region/Culture/Setting of Inspiration

Series are listed by series name
* = not yet released

Africa, Northern

Africa, Sub-Saharan

Africa, Western

American, North and Central

American, South

Asian, East

Asian, Southern

Asian, Southeastern


Europe, Eastern

Europe, Northern (Nordic/Norse)

Europe, Southern/Mediterranean

  • The Brilliant Death by AR Capetta
  • Rook & Rose by M.A. Carrick (Venetian)
  • *Crown of Starlight by Cait Corrain (Ancient Greek)
  • *The Palace of Eros by Carolina de Robertis (Ancient Greek)
  • Miranda in Milan by Katharine Duckett (Milanese)
  • The Sun Chronicles by Kate Elliott (Greek)
  • Lies We Sing to the Sea by Sarah Underwood (Ancient Greek)

Europe, Western

Great Britain

Middle East


  • The Dawnhounds by Sascha Stronach (Māori) (Amz)

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