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This is definitely not my area of expertise, so please bear in mind while I get this page organized and everything correctly linked and categorized, and many thanks to the Twitter friends helping me put it together!


Please note these are organized by title.


Please note these are organized by title.


Graphic Novels



Female Protags

Male Protags

  • *Blackwater by Jeannette Arroyo and Ren Graham
  • *Theo Page’s Guide to Being a Guy by Kacen Callender (text) and Seth S. Smith (illustration) – T
  • Flamer by Mike Curato
  • *Out of Left Field by Jonah Newman
  • The Magic Fish by Trung Le Nguyen
  • Heartstopper by Alice Oseman
  • Fence by C.S. Pacat (text), Johanna the Mad (illustration), Joana LaFuente (color), and Jim Campbell (lettering)
  • Bloom by Kevin Panetta (text) and Savanna Ganucheau (illustration)
  • Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu – m/m

Non-Binary Protags

  • Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker (text), Wendy Xu  (art), and Joamette Gil (lettering)


  • *Stars in Their Eyes by Jess Walton and Aśka


Graphic Memoir

Other Graphic Nonfiction Books

Hybrid/Illustrated/Light Novels


  • Goldie Vance by Lilliam Rivera, includes comic pages by Hope Larson and Brittney Williams
  • The Derby Daredevils by Kit Rosewater (text) and Sophie Escabasse (illustration)
  • Lumberjanes by Mariko Tamaki (text) and Brooklyn Allen (illustration)



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