Free LGBTQReads

Short Stories

“Campus” by Aaron H. Aceves (them.)

“Birds Surrendered and Rehomed” by Kristen Arnett (Oprah Mag)

“Honey and Cold Stars” by AR Capetta (Everyday Chimeras)

“My Next Move” by Alexander Chee (The Good Men Project)

“13 Crimes Against Love, Or, The Crow’s Confession” by Alexander Chee (Lodestar Quarterly)

“The Shape of My Name” by Nino Cipri (

Your Eyes, My Beacon: Being an Account of Several Misadventures and How I Found My Way Home” by C.L. Clark (Uncanny)

“The Cage” by A.M. Dellamonica (

“The Tiger is a Metaphor” by Alison Evans (Slink Chunk Press)

“Pineapple” by Sara Farizan (Foreshadow)

“Epistolary” by Sacha Lamb (Foreshadow)

“Paradise” by Nina LaCour (Foreshadow)

“We Could Be Heroes” by Malinda Lo (Autostraddle)

Let All the Children Boogie” by Sam J. Miller (

“Unknown Number” by Blue (Azure) Neustifter (Twitter)

“They Called Us” by Natalie Parker (The Hanging Gardens)

“The Spinner, the Shepherd, and the Leading Man” by Kris Ripper (Author’s Website)

“Shiver” by Brandon Taylor (Noble Gas Quarterly)

Even if All Fall Away, I Will Not” by Brandon Taylor (them.)

The Last Eagle” by Natalia Theodoridou (Clarkesworld)

The Shadowed Undertows” by Natalia Theodoridou (The Deadlands)

Poems Written While” by Natalia Theodoridou (Uncanny)

Ribbons” by Natalia Theodoridou (Uncanny)

Chokechain” by AJ White (Medium, later published in Transcendent 4)


“Queering Barbie” by Kristen Arnett (Buzzfeed)

“The Queer Erotics of Handholding in Literature” by Kristen Arnett (Electric Lit)

“Your Dog Doesn’t Care if You’re a Lesbian” by Kristen Arnett (Medium)

“What Makes a Story Queer?” by Sarah Gailey (B&N Readers, originally written for B&N SFF Blog)

“After I Divorced My Wife, ‘The Real Housewives’ Saved Me” by Molly Priddy (Vice)

“Being Gay vs Being Southern: a false choice” by Brandon Taylor (Lit Hub)

“The Light My Queer Heart Sees in Wounded, Broken Men” by Brandon Taylor (them.)

On Being Queer and Happily Single — Except When I’m Not by Brandon Taylor (them.)

Novellas and Novelettes

“Avi Cantor Has Six Months to Live” by Sacha Lamb  (The Book Smugglers)

Stop and Stare by Katie Rose (f/nb romance)

“Small Changes Over Long Periods of Time” by K.L. Szpara (Uncanny)

My Heart is Ready by Chace Verity


The Earl of Brass by Kara Jorgensen (ace m/nb historical fantasy)

Queering up your shelf, one rec at a time!

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