Exclusive Cover Reveal: LifeBringer by Aaron S Bentzel

Today on the site, we’re revealing the cover to Aaron S Bentzel’s LifeBringer, officially closing out the fantasy western Prime Wranglers Saga with its release on April 12th! Here’s the story:

Cazo Briggs used to be somebody. He had a handsome boyfriend in Zee, and a legendary Prime who wanted to be his partner. And then it all fell apart at Echo Rock.

Now, defeated, Cazo and his allies seek refuge in the desert fortress of the Acanti people. But that is not all that they seek there.

The Acanti have a Prime that controls water, the scarcest and most vital element in the desert. They call it the LifeBringer, and now the Republic has their eyes on it.

The same Republic that drove Cazo out. The same Republic that forced his Redhand allies onto reservations and killed their sacred Primes. The same Republic that seduced his beloved Zee away from him.

Having fought the Republic before, Cazo and friends know what a relentless foe they can be. The only way to win a lasting peace in an independent West is to set the LifeBringer free. But can they convince the Acanti prince?

And without Zee, does Cazo still have the will to fight? Or will he yield to the doubts that hound him and lose the West for them all?

LIFEBRINGER is the stunning conclusion of the Prime Wranglers saga, a fantasy western set in a reimagined West. Here, powerful creatures known as Primes roam the frontier, and daring wranglers risk their lives to capture them.

And here’s the cover, designed by Ebook Launch (www.ebooklaunch.com)!

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From Atlanta, GA by way of Albany, NY, Aaron has been writing books for the past 10 years. An omnivore when it comes to story, he takes inspiration from such diverse works as Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, daytime soap operas, and the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

When not curled up on his rattan chair with a 5-subject notebook on his lap, he can usually be found boiling water for tea, walking up and down the banks of the Chattahoochee River in his orange-billed baseball cap, or singing show tunes to himself in the bathroom mirror.