July 2023 Deal Announcements

Adult Fiction

TikTok creator, CEO of Beegrizwrites, and romance book ghostwriter Becca Grischow‘s HOMETOWN ADVANTAGE, a queer twist on the traditional small-town holiday rom-com, where two former classmates reunite for a drunken, banter-filled night and a long weekend of hijinks, falling hard along the way; and a second novel, pitched loosely as Bridesmaids meets Ashley Herring Blake, to Nidhi Pugalia at Penguin, in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal, by Dana Murphy at Trellis Literary Management (world).

Greg Kearney’s AN EVENING WITH BIRDY O’DAY, exploring queer love, friendship, and survival in the hostile city and era of 1970s Winnipeg, to Brian Lam at Arsenal Pulp Press, in a nice deal, for publication in spring 2024, by Samantha Haywood at Transatlantic Literary Agency (world).

Former Vox culture editor and critic-at-large and Vanity Fair, NYT, and Vulture correspondent Emily St. James’s WOODWORKING, a queer coming-of-age story pitched as DETRANSITION BABY meets SUCH A FUN AGE, about a trans high school teacher in South Dakota who forms an unlikely friendship with the only other trans person she knows, her student, before their private lives collide and the consequences reverberate throughout their community, to Caolinn Douglas at Crooked Media Reads, in a pre-empt, for publication in January 2025, by Victoria Marini at High Line Literary Collective (world).

NYU professor and author of NBCC award finalist VIROLOGY Joseph Osmundson’s GRANDVIEW, centered in rural Washington state and on the legacies of white patriarchal violence that haunt a young boy from childhood into a fractured adulthood, to Mo Crist at Norton, in a two-book deal, by Kent Wolf at Neon Literary.

Elle Arroyo’s THE SWORD: XCIAN, in which a kidnapper falls in love with the man he is charged with protecting, to Lea Schizas at The Wild Rose Press, for publication in fall 2023 (US).

Allie Therin‘s untitled third book in the Roaring Twenties Magic series, to Stephanie Doig at Carina Press, for publication in spring 2025, by Laura Zats at Headwater Literary Management (world English).

Jules Arbeaux’s debut LORD OF THE EMPTY ISLES, a story of loss, power, and privilege, set on a planet driven to extremes by climate change, with a queer-platonic love story and found family at its heart; when his own death curse backfires onto him, a grieving young man must work together with the outlaw who killed his brother to save his own life, and thousands more he inadvertently doomed with his curse, to Molly Powell at Hodderscape, at auction, for publication in summer 2024, by Maddy Belton at Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency.

Young Adult Fiction

Logan-Ashley Kisner‘s OLD WOUNDS, following two trans teens as they embark on a cross-country road trip, only to find their journey interrupted when their car breaks down in a small, isolated Southern town that sacrifices girls to the monster that lives in their woods, to Krista Marino at Delacorte, in a good deal, at auction, in a two-book deal, for publication in spring 2025, by Chloe Seager at Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency (NA).

Author of the forthcoming SOCIETY FOR SOULLESS GIRLS Laura Steven‘s EVERY EXQUISITE THING, pitched as a dark horror academia with a sapphic romance retelling of THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, to Eileen Rothschild at Wednesday Books, in a very nice deal, in an exclusive submission, for publication in 2025, by Chloe Seager at Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency (NA).

Author of MY DEAREST DARKEST Kayla Cottingham’s PRACTICAL RULES FOR CURSED WITCHES, a sapphic fantasy about a teen witch who must complete her calling by breaking a powerful family’s curse, but her own affliction—to never find true love—gets in the way when she falls for one of the twins she’s trying to save, to Hannah Hill at Delacorte, at auction, in a two-book deal, for publication in fall 2024, by Erica Bauman at Aevitas Creative Management (NA).

Elizabeth Holden’s debut MIGHTY MILLIE NOVAK, a lower YA sapphic contemporary in which a 16-year-old navigates a tense home life, tumultuous friendships, and self-doubt, all while exploring her new passion for roller derby, to Ashtyn Stann at Jolly Fish Press, for publication in fall 2024, by Allison Hellegers at Stimola Literary Studio (world English).

Carli J. Corson’s debut IT’S A LOVE/SKATE RELATIONSHIP, a sapphic romance pitched as She Drives Me Crazy meets She Gets the Girl, in which a star hockey player and an elite ice skater are forced to train together and sparks begin to fly both on and off the ice, to Sarah Homer at Harper Teen, for publication in winter 2025, by Claire Friedman at Inkwell Management (world English).

Hazel and Bell’s ALWAYS RAINING HERE, adapted from the webcomic of the same name, about a down-to-earth courtship between two gay teenagers as they fumble with high school, parental expectations, their dreams, and each other, to Kiara Valdez at First Second, for publication in 2025, by Kurestin Armada at Root Literary.

Sisters Mel Hammond and Teghan Hammond’s LUCY, UNCENSORED, in which a transgender teen and her cis best friend, senior theater nerds who plan on attending the same college drama program, question if there’s anywhere the teen can truly fit in when their queer adaptation of The Tempest gets banned by the school board and transphobic comments make them question their dream school, to Marisa DiNovis at Knopf Children’s, for publication in fall 2024, by Tracey Adams at Adams Literary (NA).

Author of WICKED LITTLE THINGS Justin Arnold’s KEEP IT IN THE DARK, an enemies-to-lovers romance in which a recently turned teen vampire attends an exclusive boarding school as the first and only supernatural student, which would be tricky enough if he wasn’t also forced to share a room with the handsome yet begrudging headmaster’s son who is harboring a secret of his own, to Joshua Dean Perry at Tiny Ghost Press, in a nice deal, for publication in winter 2024 (world English).

SOME GIRLS DO author Jennifer Dugan’s PLAYING FOR KEEPS, a sapphic romance starring a baseball pitcher and a student umpire who fall for one another, despite the fact that player-official dating is strictly prohibited, to Stephanie Pitts at Putnam Children’s, for publication in summer 2024, by Sara Crowe at Sara Crowe Literary (world English).

Clare Edge‘s I PUT A SPELL ON YOU, a contemporary fantasy-romance, in which a heartthrob enby spell-caster must teach the new girl in school to wield magic to save their emerging powers in a rivals-to-lovers game of wits, to David Linker at Harper Children’s, in a very nice deal, in an exclusive submission, for publication in fall 2025, by Jennifer Azantian at Azantian Literary Agency (world).


Curator of mycology at the New York State Museum Patricia Kaishian‘s FOREST EUPHORIA: A QUEER BESTIARY, a collection of 10 essays about the abounding queerness (in the loose sense) of the natural world—from fungi to parasites, cicadas to slugs, eels to aphids—challenging our expectations of what is normal, beautiful, and possible, with inspiration drawn from the author’s studies with Robin Wall Kimmerer, to Joey McGarvey at Spiegel & Grau (world).

Literary critic and founder of the Chicago Review of Books Adam Morgan’s A DANGER TO THE MINDS OF YOUNG GIRLS: ULYSSES, MARGARET C. ANDERSON, AND THE WOMEN WHO FOUGHT AMERICA’S FIRST MODERN BOOK BANS, a literary biography of a forgotten queer icon who faced an obscenity trial after being the first to publish James Joyce’s transgressive masterwork ULYSSES in her magazine, The Little Review, as well as the women of her circle who helped her bring Modernism to the American publishing world, to Nicholas Ciani at One Signal, at auction, by Natalie Edwards at Trellis Literary Management (world).

Queer and nonbinary tarot reader and creator of FIFTH SPIRIT TAROT and the forthcoming RADICAL TAROT Charlie Claire Burgess’s QUEER DEVOTION, which explores the queer divine in deities of legend, opens pathways for queer and trans people to revere the divinity within themselves, and queers devotional practices, to Anna Cooperberg at Hay House, in an exclusive submission, for publication in spring 2025, by Kelly Van Sant at kt literary (world).

Contributor to The New Yorker, Harper’s, The New York Times, The Baffler, Lux Magazine, The Nation, and The Atlantic Sarah Aziza’s THE HOLLOW HALF: A MEMOIR OF BODIES AND BORDERS, a genre-bending journey across generations, wars, and continents revolving around the author’s relationship to her family’s past and her own identity as a diasporic, Palestinian American queer woman, upending simplistic notions of mental illness and probing questions of race, gender, and belonging, to Alicia Kroell at Catapult, in a pre-empt, by Elias Altman at Massie & McQuilkin (NA).

NYU professor and author of NBCC award finalist VIROLOGY Joseph Osmundson’s AMERICAN BISON, a memoir examining queer family-building and healing from losing a child that never was by making food to nourish loved ones, to Mo Crist at Norton, in a two-book deal, by Kent Wolf at Neon Literary.

San Diego State University MFA candidate Demree McGhee’s SYMPATHY FOR WILD GIRLS, a collection of stories centered on queerness, femininity, and desire, following Black women in their search for intimacy and community as they navigate a fantastically absurd world teeming with secrecy and unspoken rules, to Lauren Hook at Feminist Press, for publication in spring 2025, by Ismita Hussain at Great Dog Literary (world English).

Queer writer/poet and TikTok personality Brianna Pastor’s GOOD GRIEF, the expanded edition of her debut self-published book of poetry and prose, a testament showing how hard the past can be and that overcoming it is possible, foreword by NYT-bestselling author Yung Pueblo, to Kathryn Renz Hamilton at Harper One, for publication in spring 2024, by Steve Harris at CSG Literary Partners (world).

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